The New Romantic 2018

The New Romantic (2018) นิวโรแมนติก

The New Romantic Blake is student journalist. She is the author of a column about her life with love in her school’s newspaper, The HopelessRomantic. Following her most recent article, her editor River, cancels her column for being boring, but offers to re-instate it if she can come up with more interesting content.

Blake accidentally swapped her ID with another student’s ID while out with Nikki her roommate, as well as her best friend. Blake returns the ID and meets Morgan who is in a relationship with an older male. Morgan insists Blake to stay and reveals that she is a sugar child and the man she’s with will pay Blake to stay. Blake declines.

Blake discovers at an editorial conference that Jacob an associate journalist, is applying for an award Gonzo journalist. River is supporting Jacob. Blake is jealous and decides to interview Morgan about the sugar baby experience. Morgan is invited by Blake to a pool party , where Blake meets Ian an older, wealthy professor. Ian proposes to Blake about becoming his sugar-baby, but she politely declines down. Blake writes about the experience in the newspaper, but even though River is intrigued by the story, he is hesitant to offer Blake her column until she says that it seems like that he’s trying to make money off of her out in return to her writing.

Blake and Nikki attend a costume party at which Blake shows up in the form of Raoul Duke and is surprised to find Jacob dressed in the same. Blake brings Jacob home however their attempt to get sexual relations comes to an end with the discovery that Jacob does not have a condom. Blake writes about their failed hookup for her column, to Jacob’s utter dismay.

After considering Ian’s offer, Blake decides to go on a date with her primary motivation being her desire to be able to compete with Jacob for the Journalism award. On their first date Blake is sexy with Ian. She initially believes that she was not rewarded with anything but Ian gives her a scooter after stealing her bike. Blake starts writing about her experience with Ian and the column turns into an instant hit. When Jacob asks questions about the morality of her choice to write about Ian, Blake points out the column is not anonymous. The New Romantic HD

Blake continues to date Ian He is still in contact with her, and even though she initially asked for nothing He eventually asked Ian to draft a recommendation letter to her for the Journalism Award. He agreed to do it.

Blake who has a high level of MDMA from accidentally eating an unlaced Nikki cupcake, gets up one day to find Ian wearing a diamond bracelet and asks her to accompany Ian at the wedding. Blake goes with Ian to the wedding, and learns that Morgan is Morgan’s sugar daddy. Following the ceremony, the groom approaches her and tells her that he would like to have sex. Blake is able to run away from the wedding , without not telling Ian.

Blake was disturbed by events at her wedding, starts to doubt her connection with Ian. She struggles to understand why it is different from prostitution. In the evening, Blake attempts to meet Ian but Ian is unable to answer personal questions. The evening ends with them having a sex session despite Blake’s resistance. Blake unhappy after their first night out together is forced to go outside for some fresh air. Wandering home she finds the bike that Ian took from her following their first night of being together. She gets back from the toga celebration with her sheet, and then rides home. Jacob sees her upset and invites her to breakfast. The two bond over their shared experience as kids of divorced parents.

When she returns home Blake is confronted by Ian who finally examined the letter she sent him and discovered she is documenting their relationship. If she isn’t willing to put her column down, he threatens to ruin her career and withhold his recommendation letter to the award.

Blake considers what she should do and decides to auction the jewellery Ian gifted her. Blake as well as the men in her column were never identified , so she publishes her last column as her real name because she’s not ashamed.

In the process of graduating, Blake gets a call from Jacob asking her to join Jacob in the bleachers. At the bleachers, Jacob performs a terrible reenactment of the scene that ends Sleepless in Seattle that was the first film he saw after discovering that that Nora Ephron was Blake’s favourite writer. Blake appreciates the gesture and the two kiss prior to leaving with their friends to celebrate graduation.

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