Southpaw Billy “The Great”, Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a professional boxer who competes in Light Heavyweight with an Orthodox stand. He lives in New York City with Maureen McAdams (Oona Lawrence) and is well-known for his knockouts. He is still the owner of the title of light heavyweight.

While the media focuses on Billy the younger boxer who is becoming a star, Miguel “Magic” Escobar ( Miguel Gomez) is threatening Billy to go up against him. Maureen is worried about Billy’s safety when the boxer comes home and she urges Billy to give up. Then, Maureen speaks to Jordan Mains ( 50 Cent) the manager of Billy. She doesn’t agree with Mains plans to have Billy agreed to a deal that runs for two years, for three bouts.

Maureen, Billy, and Hector attend a charity ball. Miguel calls him a liar Maureen, and threatens to take away his titles. Hector flees to safety, but Maureen remains with Billy.

Billy starts to consume alcohol and other drugs. Jordan suggests that he sell his home in order to solve his financial troubles. Jordan then invites Billy to fight Kalil Tray. He is defeated so badly that his team abandons him. Eli Frost, Jordan and Billy are forced to leave to work with Miguel.

One night, Billy drove his car into a tree in the vicinity of his house. Leila realizes that Billy is bleeding to the ground and dials 911. Leila Rivera, Naomie Hari is the child Protective Services Officer, who awakes Billy up on the floor. Billy is forced to visit the Wills Gym and meets Tick Wills ( Forest Whitaker), an ex-boxer who’s blind in one eye following the last bout he fought. Tick wants to help Billy get back to his feet. Tick knows about Billy’s addiction to drugs and offers to help him train.

Angela and Billy meet to see Leila. Leila accuses him of having a problem and refuses Leila to meet with her. Billy goes back to the gym and accepts the janitorial position. While at the gym Billy makes friends with a kid named Hoppy ( Skylan Brooks), who also wants to be a boxer. He learns that Hoppy’s father abuses his mother. This is reported to Tick. He begins to seek justice in his own life and makes visits to Leila. He is determined to win her over. After winning a charity contest, Billy is visited by Jordan. Miguel the winner from Kalil Turay, is the manager of his. Jordan is keen to schedule a fight between them in the next six weeks, since he believes that Billy isn’t able to train. Billy thinks he can get back on track and would like Tick to be his coach, but Tick does not want to, believing that Billy is merely seeking revenge.

Tick later tells Billy that Hoppy died while protecting his mother from her father. After visiting Maureen’s grave, Billy informs Leila that the battle will be fought again.

Angela is the one who takes Leila to her dressing room on the fight night. Angela brings Leila to her dressing area during the fight. He turns his back and, after a wildly uppercut, he knocks Miguel to the floor. Miguel stands up in the final second and both corners are filled with the staffs of two teams.

The fight ended with a split vote that gave the opening round to Miguel. But, Billy is declared the winner. They hugged for the first time since Maureen’s loss.


Southpaw (2015) สังเวียนเดือด

Southpaw 2015


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